To kindle the potential in girls by providing them with a platform to seize opportunities that will allow them to fulfill their true potential and in turn they will become Sesi Lomkhulu’s (big sisters) in their community and our country.

  • Supplying monthly toiletry packs
  • Provide welfare services in conjunction with Child Welfare Nelspruit
  • Provide technical skills programmes, holiday programmes and life skills with the assistance of partnering organisations and individuals in our Lowveld Community.
  • Assistance with career mapping and guidance
  • Assistance with applications to Tertiary
  • Institutions and the registration costs for such applications
  • Assistance with transport, meals and educational materials
  • Exposure to various like-minded female role models within the community
  • Guided holiday tour programmes
  • Encouragement of sport participation
  • Currently the girls have started a netball team
  • Food parcels
  • Assistance with Entrepreneurial setups
  • Provide the girls with a sense of belonging
  • Provide girls with mentorship and guidanceby assisting them with decision making skills
  • Provide our girls with tools required to navigate the challenges faced by teenagers
  • Expose them to opportunities available to them
  • Prevent dependency on older males who prey on vulnerable teenage girls in impoverished communities
  • Instil in our girls a sense of pride in their femininity

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